DTS, Inc. is a recruiting firm located in the Midwest serving our global clients in the engineering and IT industries. Our focus is to align prospective employees and our clients with opportunities that meet what they want! Whether you want to work in a specific industry, looking for a specific job title, a certain location, or have specific salary requirements; We want to know!

Today’s workforce is an ever changing environment. Research shows we can expect a shift away from a more permanent, lifetime jobs toward less permanent, even nonstandard employment relationships. (i.e. self-employment, contract). DTS, Inc. wants to create a relationship with prospective employees and continue our relationship with our current clients to help meet these changes.

Take just a few minutes to create your profile and help us work for you. It’s possible we may not currently have anything that meet your needs, but it is possible that we will and we want to be able to contact you and provide that opportunity for you.

Once you create your profile, after clicking on any link you will see your account information on the top right links.  You can see all the positions you have applied, along with update your resume.  Once logged in you can apply to any position listed with just a couple clicks.  As always, once you create your profile and Tell Us What You Want – we will continue to search for you. We will provide you updates of jobs that fit what you are looking for in your next career move.  Thanks for letting us work for you!