DTS, Inc. offers benefits for our employees that you won’t find at similar types of companies.  Our employees enjoy a bi-weekly payroll with direct deposit and you can manage everything at your fingertips!  DTS, Inc. partners with Insperity to administer our payroll and benefits package.  Insperity also has a seamless application process, background check process, drug screening and onboarding process all handled online.  Our employees have access to the Insperity Employee Service Center to provide you with secure automated, personalized human resources services. As a partner with Insperity, our DTS, Inc. employees also share in the Insperity MarketPlace, where you gain access to discounts for major brands, like 17% off your monthly Verizon bill!

DTS, Inc. employee benefits offered:

  • Medical Coverage (30 Day waiting period)
  • Dental Coverage (30 Day waiting period)
  • Vision Discount Plan (30 Day waiting period)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan